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Interview sa Sunset Rubdown nakon "Žedno uho 2009" nastupa

17. rujan 2009. 13:35:43
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Spencer Krug - vocals, keys, guitar, kick drum

Camilla Wynne Ingr - vocals, percussion, "Jane-of-all-trades"

Michael Doerksen - guitar, bass, cosmic radio, drums, vocals

Jordan Robson-Cramer - drums, guitar, keyboards

Mark 'the nuc' Nicol - bass, kalimba, drums

... and Stanoviti Bukovski - annoying pest

First self-sufficient interview was powered by a small cardboard tower which simbolised a small cinema. In that tower there was a movie tape with inscribed questions for the band. So the band had to roll the film tape out of the tower and read the questions. The picture shows more than I can babble. So here's the interview. 

Camilla: You have quite a bit of sequel songs. What is the concept behind that?

Camilla: Well, I can only guess cause Spencer writes them. Our first songs, our old songs that Spencer has written already and we decided to play them we inevitably sort of reworked them so that they became different. So, he changed a name a little bit calling it a sequel ... I think. And the other instance, when, I would say, lirical content continues to another song it kind of a gets a sequel.

Stanoviti Bukovski: I mean I didn't hear any sequel songs except Unforgiven by Metallica.

Camilla: Buahaha, yea they are all alot like Unforgiven.

Jordan: Sometimes you seem to reference same lyrics across the album. Do you want to emphasize something cause you feel insecure?

Jordan: I don't know. I think you should answer (nods his head towards Spencer Krug), I'm insecure answering.

Spencer: Well it's usually when lyrical themes are overlapping cause I feel like I haven't said everything I wanted to say in one song. It's not necessarily cause I feel insecure but maybe something that I want to really drive home.

Stanoviti Bukovski: For yourself or for the audience?

Spencer: For the audience, I think. And for myself. On the next record there's a line that goes :"Let me hammer this point home." and then it says :"I see us all as lonely fighters.". I've said this in like three different albums now so...

Stanoviti Bukovski: So you could have a best-of used lyrics...

Spencer: Yea, best-of concepts.

Michael: Your songs have a certain theme-park color built around them. Have you ever deliberately chosen this willy-wonkish background to lower the ever present tension in your lyrics?

Spencer: Oh yes. It's exactly as you say . It's to undermine or juxtapose or to contrast the seriousness of the music. It's used so that it's not mistaken that we don't realize we are just on a stage. It's just a show. We dont take ourselves THAT seriously. It's always just - show.

Stanoviti Bukovski: Yea cause I've noticed your songs are bit spread out and you give yourself time to implement some additional meaning and value to them.

Camilla: Yea we have really long songs.

Spencer: But they are sort of sprinkled with little depiction spice all the ways through to...

Michael: ...cheesy guitar solo.

Spencer: Yea well or like a cheesy line. Or something very fun in a middle of something very serious just to sort of like ground everything.

Mark: Why is "Random spirit lover" made like a never ending tune that's kind of molded into one giant song?

Camilla: That's was just an idea. We wanted to try it in a studio.

Michael: It's kind of a disguised as a concept album but...

Spencer: ... but it's not. Muahaha.

Camilla: Listening to your two earlier LP's I feel like a band has departed from stand-alone songs and introduced a more cohesice structure. Do you feel making an encircled material is more meaningfull to you? What emotions arise when you set the first two and the last album apart?

Michael: Emotion? I feel no emotion. We are robots.

Camilla: Well I would say that our first record was made really fast cause we wanted to make sure we are going to be a band and stay a band. And lots of the songs were the songs that Spencer used to play alone. So "Random spirit lover" was our first album that had all of us altogether and we spent really long time on  it.

Spencer: There's  a same amount of creative energy and love that want in all of our records it's just that the first two were written outside and the late inside of the studio. The memories of recording them are very different. I mean it 's been a long time since the last record. Since then we've recorded another one.

Stanoviti Bukovski: The dragon..

Spencer: Yea, yea The Dragonslayer.

Stanoviti Bukovski: Sounds like heavy-metal.

Camilla: Mjuhuhahu. Yea it's very.

Jordan: What kind of music do you want to be your official funeral tune?

Camilla: Guns and roses - November rain.

Jordan: 4'33" by John Cage.

Mark: Beyonce.

Michael: George Michael.

Camilla: I would say a Pogues song if I was being serious. Something like "If I Should Fall from Grace with God".

Spencer: Have you ever had a lucid dream in which "Sunset Rubdown" performed?

Michael: I had a dream in which I saw the Doors play. It was the 1960's and it was a whole concert.

Mark: That wasn't a dream man.

Camilla: Last night I dreamt I was in a warehouse and a guy came in through the garage door and tried to kill me and then I woke up - crying.

Spencer: I have lots of dreams of playing on stage but they are never lucid.  Like I can't control them. Cause I can't even control it in real life.

Fan with an unknown name: Can I have an inteview question? Are you guys like Tolkien fans. Cause I've noticed a new album is a lot like fantasy based among the lyrics.

Spencer: I'm not a gamer and I've never even read Lord of the RIngs. On "Dragonslayer" theres not much fantasy stuff going on. Some of the songs have this fantasy based references but they are not in touch with the meaning of the song.

Michael: Have you ever played or even dreamed of playing at some unconventional venue like a ledge of a bridge?

Spencer: Oh our sound-guy Dave should answer this question cause he wants us to a tour on a boat. We start in Lisbon and then we circle the Mediterranean counter-clockwise all the way to Istanbul. And the people come on to our boat to watch the show.

Stanoviti Bukovski: You should get all your equipment aboard your sailboat and then sail to some other sailboats that are sailing along the coast and then board their ship and be like music-pirates. Force them to listen to your music and steal their electricity.

Camilla: Yea it would be cool to force oil rigs to listen to our songs.

Spencer: It doesn't seem very realistic.

Stanoviti Bukovski: Yea ok guys can we do the group hug now that the interview is over? No, oh well thanks anyway and see you before you get old.

Dario Bukovski


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